About us

Our company, established in 2008, is a company active in the processing and packaging of olives, olive oil and sunflower oil for more than five years.

Has a well-equipped factory processing and standardization of olive oil and sunflower oil feeding outside the wide range of our products. The countries to which exported our products are South Africa, Russia and Bulgaria.

Our main concern is to maintain the high quality of our products and the reliability of the valid delivery to our customers.

Our factory located in Argos on a 4-acre area and is certified with a certificate of HAACP and ISO. 






Oil categories

Extra virgin Organic Gourmet
Eighty percent of Greek olive oil production is of top quality extra virgin, in acidity up to 0.8%. Greece is ranked in first place among the countries that produce extra virgin olive oil and table olive oils. The unique taste brings out the freshness of salads in the best possible way. Derived from crops on which the producer does not use chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. The richness of color and taste is pretty hard to beat. Approved Certification Organizations regularly check crops, and a packaging units and certify the final product. Used in almost all cuisines worldwide. It gives a pleasant flavor to salads, grilled vegetables, cheeses, and it is the perfect "dip". The aromatic elements (lemon, orange, bitter orange, etc.) are milled and pressed together with the olives.